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  1. June 2020

    As my market venues start to open again, Cosy Kitchen has been reviewing the rules put in place by the different locations and formulating it's own protocols to ensure everyone’s safety and preventing the spread of Coronavirus. 

    The protocols described will be constantly reviewed to minimise the spread of the virus and take into consideration additional measures the locations have implemented themselves.

    At present (23.06.2020) the following of my regular market locations are OPEN:

    -          Ludlow Produce Market (2nd Thursday of the month)

    -          Uttoxeter Craft & Produce Market (4th Saturday of the month)


    To provide the best customer service whilst preventing the spread of the virus, the following measures have been put in place.


    • Training course completed ‘Preventing the spread of COVID-19’.
    • Research and implementation of specific measures for market traders (the base source being guidance from the National Market Traders Federation).

    In the Kitchen:

    • My usual high hygiene standards will of course be observed when preparing and packing food items. 
    • I am currently using additional PPE in the kitchen and undertaking extra cleaning.
    • Hand cleansing protocols are strictly observed. 

    Social Distancing:

    • To protect yourself, myself and others around you, please observe the social distance guidelines of staying 2m apart – this is preferred even if the guidelines have been relaxed!
    • Due to different space allocations at different market locations, the number of people allowed at the stall at any one time will vary.  Signage will be up to help you.

    Pre-Orders for Collection:

    • Official guidelines for operation are encouraging traders to take pre-orders whenever possible.
    • Pre-orders for collection will be taken for all locations and a menu will be produced for each market location. 
    • This menu will be shared on Social Media, however, if you would like one sent directly to your inbox then please message me with your e-mail address and the market you will be attending and I will make sure you have this in advance. 
    • Pre-orders will be paid for by remote payment link prior to collection.
    • Your order will be ready for you collect on arrival at the stall.

    On Stall Measures:

    • Please pre-order if at all possible.
    • If there is a queue, a menu will be displayed to help you choose ahead of reaching the stall.
    • There will also be signage explaining how many people are allowed at the stall at any one time.
    • Sneeze guards will be in place to reduce the amount of touch points and to create a barrier.
    • All products will be covered or pre-packed.
    • Extra cleaning of touch points will be undertaken using a suitable disinfectant.
    • Hand sanitiser will be available for customers to use.
    • Contactless payment by card is preferred.
    • Cash payments can still be taken and I have a tray for money to be dropped in to minimise hand contact.  Hand sanitiser will also be used after handling money as a matter of course.
    • Hand cleansing will take place between customers and after handling money, eating and comfort breaks.
    • I will be wearing a face mask whilst setting up and a visor during market opening hours.
    • Additional screens will be sourced as necessary.



  2. May 2020

    It’s quite true that at the moment we are all have a tendency to mope round the kitchen looking for something to snack on.  This weekend we had a tragedy of biblical proportions when there were actually no sweet treats in my house!

    Whilst excavating the cupboards, I found a half-eaten packet of cornflakes and I was transported back to my University days when I used to make ‘Melting Moments’.  I had some recollection that I had kept the typed out recipe in the laughably titled (but very good) All Colour Hamlyn Cook Book!

    Finding it on my bookcase with 80 odd other cook books, I flicked through the pages to find the recipe, a little dog eared, but safe and sound (not bad after 20 odd years!). 

    It’s such an easy recipe, I thought I would share.




    What are melting moments?

    Melting Moments are delicious biscuits (cookies) that just melt in the mouth.  Perfect with a cuppa in the afternoon or a sweet treat whenever you need one.  They are simple to make and just addictive!


    Things that will make them even easier to make…

    • Soft butter is best - it makes creaming the butter and sugar together so much easier, so remember to get the butter out of the fridge a couple of hours before you make them.

    Size of Melting Moments

    • Small is beautiful - Don’t be tempted to make the balls of dough too big – they spread in the oven – you want delicate little biscuits…I do remember making them too big once and it was just one big melting moment! See my top tip below for making them of equal size
    • Don’t overdo it! – Melting Moments go from done to dark very quickly, check them after 10 minutes in the oven; you are after a nice golden brown colour.



    • ONE:  Separating your egg:  I learned this method at school.  I don’t generally use it these days, but it is a fail-safe method.


    • You will need:  a small plate, a small bowl, an egg cup and a blunt knife
    • Crack your egg onto a plate using the knife
    • Place the egg cup over the yolk
    • Whilst holding the egg cup in place, pour the white away into the bowl
    • Remove the egg cup from the yolk – one separated egg!


    • TWO:  The right size.  I get bored easily, so I’m all about anything that makes life easier.   I find that if you divide your dough into two, roll each into a sausage shape, and cut each one into 12, it’s much easier (and quicker) to get the portion size right.

    Easy biscuit recipe rolling in cornflakes


    • THREE:  Coating in cornflakes:  if the cornflakes are refusing to stick then squeeze them in and re roll into a ball before placing on the baking sheet.


    Melting Moments Original Recipe from 1990s

    The full recipe for Melting Moments

    Makes 24


    4 oz (115g) soft butter – I used salted butter

    3oz (85g) caster sugar

    1 egg yolk

    ½ tsp vanilla extract

    5oz (145g) self  raising flour

    Handful of crushed cornflakes


    • Pre-heat the oven to 190 degrees/170 fan/gas mark 5.
    • Grease two baking sheets
    • Cream the butter and sugar together until pale. 
    • Beat in the egg yolk and vanilla
    • Stir in flour and bring together with your hands to form a smooth dough. 
    • Divide the mixture into 24 portions.
    • Roll in the crushed cornflakes.
    • Place on the baking sheets and bake for 12-14 minutes until golden brown, checking after 10 minutes.
    • Cool on the baking sheets to firm up, then place on a place on a rack to cool completely
    • Will keep in a tin for a few days (if they last that long!)

    I really hope that you enjoy making these and would appreciate any comments you have.

    Note:  I have been unable to credit this recipe as I really don’t know where I got it from…whoever it belongs to, thank you!


    Cosy Kitchen Oat Cookies

    If you fancy some cookies but would like me to make them for you , then please browse my Baked to Order range.  I will bake, pack and deliver them to you either in person if you are local or post them off to you if you are further afield (UK Mainland only).

    Shown:  Sweet, fruity and moreish Fruity Oat Cookies.

    Thank you for reading...I do hope you enjoyed my trip down memory lane.

    Anne x