Eco Policy

Reduce - Reuse - Recycle

Running a food business creates a lot of waste...too much for our liking.

Cosy Kitchen take the issue of waste, packaging and recycling very seriously and we are always looking at different ways to improve the carbon foot print of the business whilst maintaining food hygiene standards.

We have always used paper bags and paper carriers, we use fully recyclable cake boxes and we also use glass jars for our chutneys.

Recently, we have swapped from polypropolene food presentation bags to cellophane.  These incredible eco friendly bags are made from sustainable wood pulp and are compostable.  They biodegrade back into the earth and release the nutrients contained in the original raw materials!  The company who supplies them also promotes carbon neutral deliveries...

All recyclable food packaging eg egg boxes, flour sacks and sugar bags are recycled with the local authority.  We also source as many products as locally as we can to keep food miles down.

As we move into dealing more online, we have a policy of using as much recyclable postal packaging as possible. Where we need to use bubble wrap to protect products, this is packaging that has been sent to us and we are reusing it to send out your parcels - we hope that you will also find a way to reuse this packaging so as to reduce the use of new packaging of this type.

This is an ongoing process which we are sure we will be adding to this policy as we expand and refine the business.

Cosy Kitchen Sept 2018 v1