Proud of our Preserves

We are proud of the quality of our chutneys, preserves and syrups.  All home made in small batches, using locally sourced ingredients wherever possible.

Apple Chutney - It's Back

A traditional chutney made with locally grown apples; this sweet chutney is the ideal accompaniment to cold meats, cheese or Roast Pork.

Allergens:  MUSTARD

Carrot & Garlic Chutney

With slightly spicy afternotes this unusual chutney is great with a cheese board, on a sandwich or as alternative to Mango Chutney.  Available Now.

Tomato, Red Pepper & Chilli Relish

With a slight kick from the homegrown chillis, this relish is wonderful with barbeque meats or why not try mixed with some creme fraiche as a dip. Available now.

Yuletide Chutney (Special Christmas Edition - available from November)

A seasonal special with NO ADDED SUGAR.  This tomato based chutney is less sweet than normal chutneys.  The sweetness it does have comes naturally from dates, raisins and sultanas.  Ideal with cold cuts and cheese on Boxing Day.  (NB: This product has a reduced shelf life due to the low sugar content).

Bengal Apple Chutney (Back Soon)

Attributed to being a substitute in the Asian community for Mango Chutney in the 50s before mangoes were readily available; this piquant chutney gets its warmth from Mustard Seeds and Cayenne Pepper.

Allergens:  MUSTARD